Welcome, friends!

I’m Maggie, and I’m the author of the forthcoming book, FOR THE LOVE OF DOG, from Regalo Press. Also: mama, pet lifestyle expert, blogger, reader, dog-obsessed cat lady, pit bull advocate, eco-friendly, cancer thriver.

About the book: For the Love of Dog celebrates the epic love story between humans and dogs–through the lens of award-winning, media-published pet writer and blogger, Maggie Marton, and her three dogs. It’s a story that took tens of thousands of years to unfold as wild strands of wolf DNA, feral and free, unraveled, rearranged, and wound into new shapes: from mighty hunters with long, sharp faces and keen instincts to pudgy couch-surfers with rubber doggy booties to keep their paws dry in winter. Part memoir, part science, and combining the latest research on dog behavior and canine cognition with heartwarming stories of the author’s own remarkable dogs, this book deepens the understanding of the unique bond between humans and their dogs.

Coming soon! Watch for the pre-order link here!